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Unique: an airport with spa

Munich Airport is one of the few 5-star airports and joins the ranks of the top 20 airports, such as Singapore, Doha, Bahrain and Hong Kong. In addition, it has its own wellness area, swimming pool, spa and fitness centre, as – affiliated with the Hilton Munich Airport – these facilities are also available to external guests. Relaxing briefly between two flights, swimming, enjoying a few sauna sessions, freshening up or getting some exercise in the fitness room after a long flight before catching the next plane is a brilliant added value when travelling.

The good soul of the Mountain Hub Spa is Andrea Gerl

She manages “her” spa with skill and empathy. Having grown up in the hotel industry herself, she loves the versatility of her job. Being in contact with people, creating a cultivated atmosphere, having the sophisticated technology under control, the responsibility for adhering to the strict hygiene rules. The mix is her perfect job.

Only 3 minutes away from terminals 1 and 2, many guests come here directly from the plane to the spacious pool area with various relaxation areas, Finnish sauna, steam bath and fitness room. Since its opening in the traditional Kempinski style, the fitness and pool area at the airport was known as “fit&fly Spa”. In 2020, the hotel used the time for renovation and modernisation and now the spa presents itself in the urban alpine style of the Hilton Munich Airport as Mountain Hub Spa. The fitness room is equipped with 5 treadmills, 3 cross trainers and 2 spinning bikes. The 17 x 6 m pool invites you to take a few laps before breakfast or in the evening between your job and your way home. A hub for all those who want to move, get their circulation going again or sweat the business strain out of their bodies.

“I like to be in conversation with people. What could be better? What is being missed? What would do good today? Guests are also allowed to choose their sauna fragrance: Hay flower, herbs, citrus scent or berry – pure essential oils without exception – if it’s somehow possible, we make it happen.”

She and her team know the regulars who also come from the surrounding area or after work from their workplace at the airport directly to the chillout. “We have developed a keen sense of what our guests need at the moment. We also have many business guests here in the spa who are travelling alone. The short conversation at the reception desk is enough and I already feel what is appropriate now: citrus scent or herbs in the sauna, a small snack from the Mountain Hub kitchen or simply peace and quiet.”

“Guests are different here at the spa: a little faster and busier in the morning, getting fit for the day and away straight away. In the evening, more relaxed and laid back. People who work in the airport area also like to come here. People know each other, everyone is discreet and considerate and appreciates being treated that way. We make sure that hotel guests with children are only in the bathing area at certain times.” In the morning and evening, Mountain Hub Spa is “Adults only”. Very discreet and quiet.

“I especially like the atmosphere on holidays like Christmas. The pool, sauna and fitness area are also open then. You can feel how people here are already getting in the mood for the festive occasion and the good food upstairs in the Mountain Hub restaurant. I’m already looking forward to Christmas again,” admits Andrea Gerl.

She is very proud of the flawless hygiene reports and the good water value of the pool, which is a considerable size (17 x 6 m), and looks at the water samples that her co-worker has just analysed in the laboratory test. “We don’t smell of chlorine,” she smiles. “We know exactly how that is related. We have it under control.” Brand new are the 3 Day-Beds – which invite you to relax at the long glass front. And when asked what else she would like to see, Andrea Gerl answers spontaneously: “An ice fountain. With crushed ice for the new sauna area.” She takes great care to ensure that her guests are well.

Andrea Gerl

Hilton Munich Airport | München